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By: Robert H. Mouat - Royal Navy Nelson Class battleship RODNEY, launched in 1925, served with distinction and occasionally as Flagship - almost without respite...


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By: Robert H. Mouat Royal Navy Queen Elizabeth Class battleship WARSPITE , one of Britain's most decorated ships in the 20 th century, had a...

North Atlantic Refueling

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By: Robert H. Mouat Dramatic waterline diorama depicts German WWII supply submarine U-504 about to commence refueling Type VIIC U-435 in fairly turbulent swells. Models...


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By: Philip S. Reed Modified Black Swan class naval sloop built by the British shipyard of Scotts & Stephen, launched June 16, 1943 and sunk...


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By: John R. Haynes Model depicts the U.S. Navy Benham Class destroyer, built at the Puget Sound Navy Yard in 1939. Wilson is shown in...

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