Gambier Bay

WWII – Pacific Escort Carrier
Scale: 3/32” = 1’ (1:128)
MODEL Size: 48.5” L x 15” H x 11.5” W

Historical Information:
Gambier Bay a Casablanca-class escort carrier for the U.S. Navy was laid down in July 1943 at Kaiser Shipbuilding Company, of Vancouver, WA. It was named after the Admiralty Island in the Alaska Panhandle. She also had nicknames of the “Bonus Ship” and the “Kaiser Coffin”.
It measured 512’ 3” in length, 65’ 2” in breadth, 22’ 6” depth, and displaced 7,800 long tons. It was powered by 2 x 5-cyllinder Skinner Uniflow reciprocating steam engines, 4 x 285 psi boilers, and single rudder with two: port and starboard screws.
The model’s full hull is constructed via an accurately carved plug which was then cast into a fiberglass mold rendering an 1/8” thick shell. Proper wooden support bulkhead sections were place within the hull as well as timbers to support the flight deck and superstructure assemblies. The flight deck is a hand developed rendering of appropriate planking and printed paper to include the single catapult track and landing tension lines / arrestor gear simulations. The built-up superstructure is of wood and metal components. Brass and nickel-plated metal fittings throughout the model are all primarily painted. All of the armament, deck gear, and fittings are well detailed and authentically presented, as well as other radar masting and radio antenna lines. On the flight deck are 12 aircraft models, six Gruman F4F Wildcats and six Gruman TBF Avengers (torpedo bombers). The aircraft are each individually fabricated, painted, and presented in various wing set-up positions. The model is authentically painted according to the 1944 South Pacific Measure 32, Design 15A camouflage, with a deep red antifouling bottom, etc.
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