"Homeward Bound"


By Derek Hunnisett

Packet ship - NEW YORK c. 1840. This William Webb design merchant ship was built by Webb and Allen, New York in 1839. Her trade was to Great Britain and Le Havre, France to pick up cargo and passengers destined back to New York City. The model depicts it on a port tack under near full sail splitting between two classic Xebecs used to transport goods from the Mediterranean. The model is painted with the traditional false gunport band used to ward off potential marauders thinking it was an armed ship. There are numerous work-action figures on all the vessels fabricated from wire, glue, and each hand painted. The model’s hull is constructed of Holly, with laid decking, tissue sails and copper wire rigging.

Model type: Extreme Miniature, Merchant, Sail
Scale: 32' = 1"
Size: 11 1/4” L x 9” H x 7 1/8” W
Class: A
Code: EXM 4102

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