Ship Model Classifications

Class A

Scratch-Built Model : Model built entirely from scratch materials by the builder with no commercially fabricated parts except cordage, chain and belaying pins.

Class B

Modified Scratch-Built Model : Model built from scratch, but supplemented by the use of some commercially fabricated accessories.

Class C

Modified Kit Model: Model built from materials provided in commercial kit, supplemented by other commercially fabricated parts or by scratch-built parts.

Class D

Kit Model : Model built entirely from materials provided in commercial kits.


Sub Categories: Model built and/or displayed in any of the following methods:
• Antique • Waterline • Cross Section • Cut-Away • Exposed Interior • Sailing • Half Hull • Rare Materials • Diorama • Power • Mechanized • Builders’ Model • Extreme Miniature • Ship-in- a- Bottle • Shadowbox • Americana • Folk Art . Decorative • Pond Model • Production • Other

(Categories provided by The Mariners’ Museum Model Ship Craftsmen Competition, and by Mystic Seaport Museum ; as prepared by R.
Michael Wall, 1980)

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