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By: Philip S. Reed Modified Black Swan class naval sloop built by the British shipyard of Scotts & Stephen, launched June 16, 1943 and sunk...

North Atlantic Refueling

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By: Robert H. Mouat Dramatic waterline diorama depicts German WWII supply submarine U-504 about to commence refueling Type VIIC U-435 in fairly turbulent swells. Models...


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By: Robert H. Mouat - Royal Navy Nelson Class battleship RODNEY, launched in 1925, served with distinction and occasionally as Flagship - almost without respite...


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By: Robert H. Mouat Royal Navy Queen Elizabeth Class battleship WARSPITE , one of Britain's most decorated ships in the 20 th century, had a...


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By: John R. Haynes Model depicts the U.S. Navy Benham Class destroyer, built at the Puget Sound Navy Yard in 1939. Wilson is shown in...

Gambier Bay


By John Haynes Gambier Bay a Casablanca-class escort carrier for the U.S. Navy was laid down in July 1943 at Kaiser Shipbuilding Company, of Vancouver,...

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