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By: Bernd Braatz Ship in a Bottle presentation of the Baltimore Clipper of 1812. The deck is planked over with maplewood strips, Deck houses and...


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By: Bernd Braatz Waterline presentation shows this classic colonial fishing schooner or ‘heal tapper’ of the type built in Marblehead or Beverly, Massachusetts circa early...


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By: Bernd Braatz Bernd Braatz completed this model in 2014. This replica of the famous mid-19th century 264' steam frigate was commissioned by the Naval...


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By: Bernd Braatz 1863 Civil War ironclad or double turreted monitor, Includes case Her hull was constructed entirely from iron at Continental Iron Wroks, Greenpoint,...


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By: Bernd Braatz 18-gun brig designed by Benj. Hutton, Jr., built at Philadelphia, by Nath. Hutton c.1803; for service in the So. Atlantic and Caribbean...


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By: Bernd Braatz: This model depicts one of the original Revenue Cutters commissioned for the U.S. Navy in Baltimore, circa 1837. She was first built...

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