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By: Bernd Braatz

Waterline presentation shows this classic colonial fishing schooner or ‘heal tapper’ of the type built in Marblehead or Beverly, Massachusetts circa early 1780s. During the era before the Revolution these small vessels were being harassed by foreign cruisers and raiders and therefore they needed to be fast and able to out run or out maneuver these privateers. The model shows her fore and aft rig on a starboard tack under full sail,and is equipped with all the typical on deck features of the small 70 foot vessel. The model has a solid wood core which has been then planked-over in cherry with highlights of maple, walnut and ebony. The masts and spars are from bamboo while the sails are of Japan paper with nice details. It was built from the plan of Hannah in Harold Hahn’s book,The Colonial Schooner, and also reference’s to the same plan in Chapelle’s book American Fishing Schooners from the 1785 reconstruction.

Model type: Fishing, Sail
Scale: 1:150
Size: 11 1/4" x 4 5/8" x 9"
Class: A/Special
Code: FSH 3300

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