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By: Bernd Braatz

Bernd Braatz completed this model in 2014. This replica of the famous mid-19th century 264' steam frigate was commissioned by the Naval War College Museum in Newport, RI. The 3/32" = 1' scale model's configuration portrays the vessel's modifications into an apprentice sail training ship used for the cadets at the War College circa 1880. Her Captain Stephen B. Luce, 1877-1881, was the first President of the College. The model was primarily based on authentic plans and research acquired from the National Archives and on one historic black and white image showing the alterations to her deck arrangement and armament reduction. The model’s hull was constructed via solid laminated waterline lifts, which was planked-over, and includes individual copper sheathing plates on the hull bottom. It has laid decking, and custom fashioned fittings and cannons. The overall sail plan / masting was cut-down to only include the lower masts and topmast sections. The model will be on display at the museum and the public is welcome to visit.

Model type: Naval, Sail
Scale: 3/32" = 1'
Class: A
Code: CUS 3209

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