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By: ANTIQUE Models, Artist Unknown Antique near scale wooden tea-clipper model c. late 19th century. The full hull model is constructed on the plank-on-frame method...


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By: Artist Unknown A near scale model of a small (30’) plumb stem harbor motor launch circa 1940’s era. All mahogany wood lapstrake hull construction...


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By: ANTIQUE Models, POND MODELS, Artist Unknown The Sandbaggers were small, flat, beamy centerboard sailing craft with enormous sail plans, to balance the crew of...

Robert E. Lee

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By: Artist Unknown Mississippi River boat built in 1866 in New Albany, Indiana, ran a regular service from New Orleans to Louisville, Kentucky, then would...

Naval Brig

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By: Artist Unknown 20th century model - full hull Model type: Naval, Sail, Ship-in-a-Bottle Scale: NA Size: 8" x 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" Class:...


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By: Artist Unknown A very rare and unusual British, Thames River tugboat design from the 1930's era. This important tug was one of the first...

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