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By: ANTIQUE Models, Artist Unknown

Antique near scale wooden tea-clipper model c. late 19th century. The full hull model is constructed on the plank-on-frame method with most of its deck planking removed to expose deck beams and other framing elements of this vessel's original composite hull construction (iron frames with wooden planing). This stylized Admiralty / dockyard presentation allows one to view into the interior decks and deck houses proving a greater understanding of the vessel's construction or naval architecture. The model shows a copper sheathed bottom and natural topside planking with tree-nail fastenings, and all natural decking and deck furniture & houses, four equipped boats. It is fully and authentically rigged with appropriate split-topsail yards. Provenance: Exhibited at the Museum of the City of New York. Custom fitted display case with the baseboard and glazed cover trim in matching rosewood, baseboard has a raised inner plynth with offset inlay banding, and hand engraved sterling silver plaques.

Model type: Antique, Merchant
Size: 49" x 16 1/4" x 32 1/2"
Class: A/Special

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