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By: Artist Unknown

A very rare and unusual British, Thames River tugboat design from the 1930's era. This important tug was one of the first built with diesel-electric propulsion, and was designed, built and operated by the specialty shipyard of James Pollock Sons and Co. Ltd. (JPS), of London & Faversham, Kent. The large, single-screw tug model is constructed via hollowed-out wooden laminated waterline lifts, with a built-up, bulwarks, superstructure and pilot house. It shows all appropriate furniture, deck gear, and nickel-sliver plated metal fittings. The deck is a sheet mahogany pinned with treenails along each deck beam. The entire interior of the model can be viewed via an external crank which elevates the starboard side of the complete superstructure. The internal arrangement shows the massive engine room, forward galley and forecastle in great detail. The model is also fitted with battery operated electronics which allow four interior lights and four exterior bulbs to be illuminated and a separate switch, which operates the electric motor turning the propeller. Model is mounted in its original glazed and framed mahogany display case with engraved plaque.

Model type: Builder’s Model, Merchant, Steam
Scale: 3/8" = 1'
Size: 45" x 18 1/4" x 23 1/2"
Class: A/Special

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