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Prince de Neufchatel

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By Lloyd McCaffery American Privateer 1813 Full-hull model built in 1987 ·  Glazed case of Acacia burl veneer This stately model with its rakish masts...


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By Lloyd McCaffery American Schooner Yacht of 1885 Full-hull model built in 1987-88;  Glazed case with an oak burl wood veneer This gorgeous two masted...



by: Lloyd McCaffery British Expeditionary Bark of 1764; Full-hull model built in 2004; Glazed case with oak burl veneer This well-appointed and ingenious model with...


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by Lloyd McCaffery Colonial Schooner of 1767;  Full-hull model built in 1980 · Glazed case of burled walnut This model represents in superb detail the...

Willie Bennett

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by: Lloyd McCaffery Chesapeake Bay Skipjack of 1899; Full-hull model built in 1987;  Glazed case of English ash burl veneer This well-balanced and straight forward...

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