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by Lloyd McCaffery

Colonial Schooner of 1767;  Full-hull model built in 1980 · Glazed case of burled walnut

This model represents in superb detail the essence of these small 50’ to 70’ Colonial era merchant schooners, which not only plied the North American coast as dispatch vessels, but could also make trans-Atlantic crossings when required. The model’s capacity to proudly tout its stature and utilitarian design provides evidence of an artful proficiency in its construction. It expertly conveys the simple yet strong elements of it naval architecture, and due to the convenience of an exposed interior allows for a judicious evaluation of its structure. These small schooners, along with the comparably designed Bermuda sloops of the day, gave way to the American innovated development of the ‘Baltimore Clipper’ hull shape.

The model is presented with port side fully planked and treenail fastened all with natural wood finish and includes a small black thick wale. The starboard side exposes all its framing in a Navy Board model fashion and most of its deck planking is removed to render a view of the timbers that make up this area of construction. All deck gear and fittings are provided, e.g., open hatches, anchor windlass, wooden log pumps, anchors, catheads, swivel guns, etc., as well as a selection of work-action figures. The stern has a simple design with four small windows, decorative port and starboard quarter badges of boxwood and the bow’s delicate beakhead rails sweep toward the carved diminutive figure head. The schooner rig is complete and displays its gaff in a raised position each with vang supports.

Model type: Extreme Miniature, Admiralty Style
Scale: 1/16" = 1'
Size: 13 5/8” L x 10 5/8” H 7 1/4” W
Class: A/Special
Code: IYRS 3811

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