La Salamandre

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By: Martin R. Harrop -

Introduced into the French Navy in 1682 by Abraham Duquesne, the bomb ketch (galiote à bombes) was invented by Bernard Renau d’Eliçagaray, and proved to be an infernal machine that had a particularly devastating effect on the Barbary coasts of Africa from the 1680s. The ketch-rigged vessel was broad in the beam and had no foremast, to make room for the two heavy mortars sited before the mainmast. Stout hull construction distributed the shock the vessels would sustain when mortars were fired. These weighed about 200 pounds, compared with the 48-pound shot fired from the largest guns then in use. La SALAMANDRE was built in 1752 at Toulon from plans of J.-M.-B. Coulomb. Based on Jean Boudriot’s research, the full-hull model has exposed, built-up and treenailed frames, and various exposed deck beams with mortise and tendon joinery. It shows elaborate decorative elements at her stern and quarter badges. In the open waist forward are positioned the two mortars, related framing, and other typical French deck gear details. It is rigged according to tradition, with a lateen mizzen. The model is mounted on two brass pedestal supports and presented in a custom fitted glazed case with brass trim and mahogany baseboard.

Model type: Naval
Scale: 1/4" = 1' Scale
Size: 43" H x 37 3/4" H x 14 1/2" W
Class: A
Code: NAV 2114

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