La Flore

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This antique 40-Gun frigate model depicts this well documented French ship, which was designed at Rochefort by the master shipwright Rolland and launched in 1804. There were 146 such frigates built to this successful design for the Napoleonic Navy between 1781-1813 and were designated 28-gun frigates. For some reason their secondary armament was not included in this raking, and was instead more about the caliber of the guns. La Flore was wrecked in the Adriatic in November of 1811 during a violent squall on a sand bar off the port of Chioggia, Venetia. This bone ship model is constructed in typical prisoner-of-war fashion where bone planking has been overlaid and pin fastened to the wood core, yet has been hollowed-out to accept the rare retracting-gun mechanism. The model has beautiful decorative carving work at the bow and stern, as well as along its hull side just below the gun deck. The vessel’s name is formally inscribed on the stern. It is fitted out with all essential deck gear, fittings, and boats per this era, masted with royals, and is fully rigged with linen and silk threads. The model includes its original inlaid wooden plynth, and is displayed on an ebonized baseboard with glazed cover trimmed in brass with three hand lettered gold leaf name plaques.

Model type: Antique, Naval, Prisoner of War Model, Recent Acquisitions, Sail
Scale: NA
Size: 27" x 11" x 20 3/8"
Class: A/Special

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