48-Gun Frigate

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This is a very fine bone model representing a heavy frigate class vessel. The model is typically constructed of a wood core that has been planked-over in bone with a baleen thick wale strake all fastened with pins and hide glue. It has very traditional style quarter gallery windows and carving detail, and the stern transom carvings are in relief showing a center positioned six-sided star, cantus leafs, columns, and six windows. The bow shows a typical helmeted male classical warrior figurehead with shield. The model carries one ships boat of stern davits and includes various armament on its two deck levels. It is handsomely rigged with all appropriate standing lines and fundamental running rigging. It is displayed in a new glazed case with ebonized wood trim and baseboard. There is one hand lettered gold leaf plaque under the bow sprit. Model professionally cleaned and rigging restored by American Marine Model Gallery 2008.

Model type: Antique, Naval, Prisoner of War Model, Sail
Size: 34 7/8” x 14 1/4” x 27 3/8”
Class: A/Special

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