44-Gun Frigate

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The model is constructed in the customary set-up with a wood core which has been planked-over with bone and has whale baleen strakes applied above and below the gun port band, all of which is pin fastened. The model shows very meticulous carvings and decorative details which can be seen at the bow, on the stern gallery (crown and trophies-of-arms motif) and more subtle work on the quarter galleries. A carved bone full classical warrior figurehead sits atop the stem with balancing beakhead rails. The rigging is extensive of natural colored linen line including all bone blocks or deadeyes. The model’s presentation shows two carved bone ship's boat hanging from its rigging as though being hauled out-board; and anchor buoys slashed to forward shrouds on the port & starboard sides. The masts are of solid bone with a combination of gold foil and black thread woolding bands; the spars and stun’sail yards are also of bone. Custom fitted display case with the baseboard and glazed cover trim in matching rosewood, baseboard has a black leather top, with hand engraved sterling silver plaques.

Condition: Very Good [rigging restored c. 1930s]
Provenance: London gallery, 1942 private collection, Michigan

Model type: Antique, Naval, Prisoner of War Model
Scale: NA
Size: 19 1/4" x 8 1/4" x 15 1/8"
Class: Special

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