102-Gun Bone Model

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102-Gun bone model with baleen strakes by Napoleonic prisoners-of-war. This detailed model shows all the typical elements of such antique models with the added feature of retractable gun decks operable via small toggles at the stern. The three-decker model has a full ordnance of cannons with open gunport lids. The standing and running rigging is finely done of silk and linen threads, and shows two ship’s boats, one hoisted via yard arm tackle on the portside, while the captain’s gig is set off aft stern feather davits. It has a beautifully carved stern with a Tudor Rose centerpiece embellishment, and decorative quarter gallery details, as well as a full polychrome classical warrior figurehead. The vintage display case is of mahogany with glazed panels and the interior baseboard has bone inlay motifs of anchors and crossed gun barrels.

Model type: Antique, Naval, Prisoner of War Model, Sail
Scale: 3/32" = 1'
Size: 19 1/4” x 8 1/4" x 17"
Class: A/Special

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