'Practicing a Perilous Task'

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By: William E. Hitchcock, Mark A. Sutherland -

Surfmen of the United States Life Saving Service (USLSS) c. 1890. Shown setting up the breeches-buoy apparatus used to rescue shipwrecked seafarers. All authentic gear & equipment including beach cart, faking box, crotch frame and sand anchor, lyle gun and a 25’ surfboat set sand & gravel finish on a custom mahogany base, glazed cover trimmed in brass. Lifeboat by Mark Sutherland, diorama scene and figures by Wm. Hitchcock

Model type: Diorama, Figure, Shipwreck
Scale: 1" = 1'
Size: 45 1/4” L x 22 1/4” H x 17 3/8” W
Class: A/Special
Code: DIO 3402

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