110-Gun Bone Model

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This ‘three-decker’ scenic waterline model is actually a ‘full hull’ piece, but is set into a fitted opening in an octagonal hand-painted sea on canvas showing the vessel at a mooring with several ship’s boats tethered to booms off the port & starboard sides. The model is made with a wood core, and is entirely planked-over with bone and baleen with brass pin fastenings. The decks are also planked and pinned, and the model has all the normal deck arrangement for such a first-rate ship. The masting is all of wood, as are the spars and blocks, and is fully rigged. This model has retractable cannons on its main gun decks operable via two stern pulls. It shows beautifully refined carvings and decorative details at the bow, stern galleries with balustrades, as well as a full figurehead. Custom fitted display case with the baseboard and glazed cover trim in matching rosewood, baseboard has a savoy green leather top, with hand engraved sterling silver plaques.

Condition: Very Good [conservation & restoration by American Marine Model Gallery 2010]
Provenance: London gallery; 1940’s private collection Michigan

Model type: Antique, Naval, Prisoner of War Model
Scale: NA
Size: 22 3/4" x 13 3/4" x 18 5/8"
Class: A/Special

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