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Flying Fish

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By: Raymond Langdon - Extreme clipper of 1851 , built by Donald McKay at East Boston. She made seven Cape Horn runs to San Francisco...


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By: Raymond Langdon US Navy 225’ steam sloop-of-war, launched in 1858 at Boston Navy Yard. Flagship to David Farragut of the Union West Gulf Blockading...

Northern Prince

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By: Builder's Model - Motorship for 101 first class passengers and cargo, Northern Prince was owned by the Furness, Withy & Company’s Furness Prince Line,...

USS Franklin

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By: Stephen W. Henninger One of the original ten Essex class aircraft carriers built, “Big Ben” had a speed of 33 knots, carried a complement...


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By: WAR of 1812, Everett Kent Lord Horatio Nelson’s flagship contemporaneous to the famous Battle at Trafalgar, 1805. A First-rate ship of 102 guns, Victory...

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