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By: William E. Hitchcock Illustrious 20-gun Salem, Massachusetts privateer was constructed by maverick naval architect John Peck as a ‘miniature frigate’ at Plymouth between 1779...

Shamrock I

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By: Peter Ward America's Cup challenger of 1899, designed by William Fife, Jr.. Waterline lift construction, natural bottom, green top, mast stubs. Stained mahogany backboard...

Shamrock V

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By: Scott Chambers - Sir Thomas Lipton’s J-Class, cutter yacht, America’s Cup challenger of 1930. Waterline lift hull construction, natural mahogany bottom, topsides, white...

Swampscott Dory

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By: Roy O. Jenkins Alpha Beachcomber, designed and buildt by Wm H. Chamberlain, Marblehead, MA 1910. LOA 20' 9"; LQL 16' 1"; Beam 4' 11"...


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By: Marsom B. Pratt Sibbic Ratter, designed by Charles Sibbic 1894/96; LOA 27’6”, LWL 19’6”, Beam 6’4”, Draft 4’9”. Model type: Half Hull Scale: 3/4"...

Valkyrie III

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By: Scott Chambers America’s Cup challenger of 1895, keel cutter designed by G. L. Watson. Waterline lift hull construction with mast stub and bow sprit...

Vineyard Haven 15

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By: Erford W. Burt Designed for the Martha's Vineyard Shipbuilding Company by Erford W. Burt in 1933, as a racing sloop that snapped through a...


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By: Roy O. Jenkins Boston Shipchanlers Whitehall c 1876; loa: 16'2", beam 4'2" Model type: Half Hull Scale: 1" = 1' Size: 20" x 6"...

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