By: William E. Hitchcock

Illustrious 20-gun Salem, Massachusetts privateer was constructed by maverick naval architect John Peck as a ‘miniature frigate’ at Plymouth between 1779 and 1780. She was built for three Salem merchants, John Andrews, Francis Boardman, and its Captain Mark Clark. Considered a fast sailor at only 89.3’ long in hull length, she had the appearance of a much larger ship. This very unique Builder’s double half-hull presentation shows both the exterior hull design as well as a complete longitudinal interior view. Combined, the model shows every detail of the ship in half-section, from cargo in her lower hold to long guns protruding through gunports along the main deck. Even the ship’s boat is included, mounted on gallows frames within the waist, in addition to a furnished captain’s cabin visible through stern windows. Mounted in a custom-fitted British Builder’s model-style case of solid mahogany, the model includes a hand-engraved, sterling silver plaque.

Model type: Cut-Away, Half Hull, Naval, Sail
Scale: 3/8” = 1’ Scale
Size: 52" x 27 1/2"H x 11 1/4" W
Class: A/Special
Code: HLF 2204

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