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By: David Spy, Nader Taheri International 505, Designed by John Westell 1954; Length: 16' 6"; Beam: 6' 2"; Weight: 280 lbs.The entire piece is solid...

75′ Sloop

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By: CUSTOM YACHT MODELS, Marcelo C. Ossó Model type: Half Hull, Sail, Yachting Scale: 3/8" = 1' Size: 29.5" x 8.75" Class: A Code:


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By: Nader Taheri The Peabody Essex Museum’s Contemporary Art department and Maritime Art & History department commissioned the Gallery to construct a 1/16 = 1' scale...

Duc de Bourgogne

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By: Richard S. Glanville 80-gun French ship of the Line, as she may have looked in Newport, Rhode Island when Washington, Rochambeau, Lafayette, etc., met...

Hinckley T37

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By: David Spy Model type: Power, Yachting Scale: 1/2" = 1' Size: 23 5/8" x 8" x 12" Class: A Code:

Mako 18 & 19

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By: John R. Haynes Early Mako design 181 & 19 - Center console outboard Model type: Fishing, Power, Yachting Scale: 5/8" = 1' Class: A...

Perini Navi

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By: David Spy Perini Navi ketch motor sailor built in Viaveggio, Italy launched in 1990 Model type: Custom Model, Sail, Yachting Scale: 1/4" = 1'...


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By: William E. Hitchcock Massachusetts Privateer, probable built at Plymouth, 1781. Owned by John Andrews and other Salem Merchants, 18 - 20 guns. This midget...

Royal Viking Star

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By: Stephen W. Henninger Royal Viking Star was built for Royal Viking Line in 1972. Royal Viking Star was the first of three sisterships, the...

Salt Lake City

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Salt Lake CityBy: Stephen W. Henninger Built in 1929 in Camden, NJ, CL-25, a Pensacola Class heavy cruiser, is shown in her 1943 Battle of...

So Far So Good

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By: John R. Haynes 46’ Jarvis Newman lobster boat, motor yacht Model type: Fishing, Power, Yachting Scale: 1/2" = 1' Class: A Code: CUS 1402


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By: Mark C. Wilkins New York Yacht Club centerboard schooner America's Cup contender of 1870, owned by E. Dodge LOA: 129'; Mast: 84'; 106.2 Tons....

Trumpy Yacht


By: Joaquim Maristany Custom made shadowbox of a classic restored Trumpy yacht off the coast of Maine. This artistic ship’s portrait is done in the...

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