'Ready, Aim, Fire'

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By: William E. Hitchcock -

U.S. One-gun Revenue cutter of 80 tons, c.1815. Automated center pivot gun swivels and recoils, via manual levers attached to the outside baseboard.
This type of Baltimore clipper hull design was employed in the patrol of the United States Revenue Service – in 1815 William Doughty was called upon to design three different cutters using this hull shape. The three only varied in dimensions and tonnage with the small ones being 31 3/95 tons at 48’ 6” in length on deck, the mid-size at 51 3/95 ton and 56’ 8” on deck, while the larger ones were 79 62/95 ton and had a deck length of 69’ 6”. Some with solid bulwarks could be used for Atlantic coast duty while others with open rails or life line stanchion were used in southern or Gulf coast service. They were highly successful both in speed and seaworthiness, and were ordered to approach domestic or international vessels off their stations up and down the North Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coast line. The model is constructed in the style of Napoleonic prisoner of war models, of solid wood planked-over in bone or ivory. It has a baleen strake and masts & spars of bone. Mounted on a ivory & baleen clad baseboard, and presented in a glazed case with brass trim and engraved name plaques attached to its mahogany base.

Model type: Naval, Sail
Scale: 1/16" = 1'
Size: 11” L x 9 7/8" H x 4 1/2" W
Class: A/Special
Code: SPC 3500

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