'Homebound to the Market'

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"Homebound to the Market"
By: William E. Hitchcock, Nader Taheri -

A small 22’ Friendship sloop design or late 19th century New England small craft, used for the inshore lobster fishery c. 1920s. These seaworthy sloops originated in Friendship, Maine, a small harbor village on Muscongus Bay, and built by noted shipwright Wilbur Morse. They became so successful at plying their trade they were copied and found along most New England coastal inlets and ports from Boston to Bar Harbor.

Model type: Diorama, Fishing, Sail
Scale: 1/2" = 1'
Size: 21 1/2” L x 15 1/8” H  x 10"W
Class: A/Special
Code: DIO 3300

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