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By: Erik A.R. Ronnberg Jr.

A successful and famous merchant clipper-bowed brigantine, NEWSBOY was designed by D. J. Lawler and built in 1854 by Brown’s shipyard at Owls Head, Maine. She engaged in the New York - Mediterranean - West Indies “Triangular Trade”. Model is constructed from a solid wood hull via waterline-laminated lifts with built-up bulwarks. It has scribed on decking and complete deck furniture, gear and fittings per research. It is authentically painted and has a copper-sheathed bottom. Its presentation has slight weathering and an open galley on deck, which is fully furnished. Fully rigged per her sail plan and it shows furled sails on all yards. The model is depicted mounted on turned polished aluminum pedestal supports, however it can be adapted to an alternate waterline style display showing it at anchor in a placid sea fabricated from an acrylic box allowing the view of the full hull below the waterline. It is shown in a custom glazed and wood framed case. Model built in 1983.

Model type: Merchant
Scale: 3/16” = 1" Scale
Size: 38” x 14" x 28 1/4”
Code: MER 2006

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