New Bedford Whaleboat

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By: Winthrop Pratt Jr.

This New England whaleboat design is an effort to replicate the work of New Bedford shipwright Charles Beetle circa his 1850 era of boat construction. The model's hull is formed from a solid wood block fully hollowed out with all interior work, e.g., floor boards, thwarts, rails, decks, etc. of wood each individually applied. The model is mounted on a bulwark cutaway section, which shows davits and cranes which support the hull. The whale boat contains all the traditional whaling gear such a vessel would be fitted out with, e.g. oars, harpoons, line tubs, etc., including a mast and boom for sailing. It is authentically painted with a white bottom, black rails and gray interior. The model is presented in a fitted case of mahogany, yet set on a oak plynth, with glazed cover trimmed in brass and a brass engraved plaque.

Model type: Fishing
Size: 29 3/4” x 11 1/2” x 17 7/8”
Class: A

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