Mary Rose

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By: Donald McNarry, FRSA

Mary Rose

British Naval Ship of 1509

Waterline model built 1982

Glazed case of Macassar ebony veneer

At first glance this appears to be a whimsical spoof-like portrayal of this ill-fated 60-gun vessel that after a long career of some thirty-five years sank unexpectedly during a confrontation with the French Navy just off Portsmouth. It is alleged that a multitude of its 500 plus crew working below, in their haste to get above deck left open the lower gunports and when tacking for position the ship heeled over and water rushed in beyond control. Alternatively, this scene is a clever elaboration on the inevitable interdependency seamen must always have with their ship’s design and its limitations.

Mary Rose was a favorite naval ship of Henry VIII who had personally ordered its construction, and sadly had to witness this event from ashore. The poignant depiction has her going down on July 19th, 1545 and only shows her two topmasts with their classic crowsnests above the water surface, while other elements are somewhat visible under water. Various debris, including an officer's hat, is floating on the surface.

Appropriate detail and authenticity is given to what remains of the rig per the practice of the period,as well as the coloring and set-up of her tops. The water is treated with extra coats of clear finish giving a convincing sense of depth perception.

Model type: Extreme Miniature, Waterline
Scale: 1/16" = 1'
Size: 13 1/8" L x 6 3/8" H x ..." W
Class: A/Special
Code: IYRS 3803

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