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By: Donald McNarry, FRSA

This wonderfully dramatic scene portrays this handsome English built steel three-masted barque under a ‘storm sail’ configuration working its way through the North Sea. The vessel was built in Bristol, England as a classic Windjammer of 1895. It was acquired by a Finish company who operated it throughout most of its career. The model is constructed of solid wood, which has simulated steel belting bands, and includes laid decking, with all appropriate cargo hatches, cabins, deck furniture, gear, lifeboats, and fittings. The model is authentically painted per late 19th century merchant practice with a white topside and dark red bottom. Rigging is of painted twisted copper wire, set and furled sails are of treated and painted tissue, with a wooden sculpted sea being hand-carved and painted with artists oils. The case is constructed of birdseye maple veneer with matching trim on the cover, and brass engraved plaques.

Model type: Waterline
Scale: 32' = 1"
Size: 14 1/2” x 7 1/4" x 7 3/4”
Class: A/Special

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