120-Gun Bone Model

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The well-proportioned miniature model is constructed in the traditional format with a wood core and then is planked-over with bone. Thick wale and gunport strakes are bone with an ebonized finish. The deck planking as well as the hull is all pin fastened. It has solid bone masts with the lower masts showing ebonized bone ‘fish’ or strengthening braces on the fore side of the main & fore, with woolding bands, bone spars and baleen stun’sail yards, as well as bone blocks of various sizes. The model displays simplistic carving work in the decorative details, such as drapery and cords with tassels treatment on the bulwarks amidships, the staircase and railings to the poop deck, and straightforward stern and quarter galleries, and a polychrome classical warrior figurehead. It is rigged with general standing and running lines of very fine natural linen threads per the period practice. Custom fitted display case with the baseboard and glazed cover trim in matching rosewood, baseboard has a forest green leather top, with hand engraved sterling silver plaques.

Condition: Very Good
Provenance: London gallery; 1940’s private collection Michigan

Model type: Antique, Naval, Prisoner of War Model
Scale: NA
Size: 10 3/4" x 5 1/4" x 9"
Class: Special

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