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Naval Brig

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By: Artist Unknown 20th century model - full hull Model type: Naval, Sail, Ship-in-a-Bottle Scale: NA Size: 8" x 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" Class:...


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By: Bernd Braatz Ship in a Bottle presentation of the Baltimore Clipper of 1812. The deck is planked over with maplewood strips, Deck houses and...

LA Dunton

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By: Gilbert Charbonneau Ship-in-bottle of the 123' McManus-designed Gloucester fishing schooner under sail. Built by Arthur D. Story and launched in 1921, L. A. Dunton...


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By: Alexander F. Bellinger Gloucester fishing schooner, designed by Tom McManus, 1904, built byu Tarr & James in Essex. She had a long, productive career...

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