Chinese Junk - Luhu Rice Boat c. 1875

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By: William H. Eisele

Chinese Junk - Luhu Rice Boat c. 1875

This rice boat junk is called after a town on the Tienshan Lake on the southern boundry of the Province of Kaingsu and is usually built in the place from which she derives her name. She trades between Luhu and Shanghai via Taingpu. Made of she-mu, she measured 41' L x 7' beam, and a depth of 3.5'. She is of strong construction with five hardwood bulkheads and seven frames, and a cargo capacity of 90 piculs.  Her lines are pleasing, with a long, low, narow bow and still more tapered stern of the open wing type and Shanghai gallery. The typical bulge of the hull of rice-carrying craft is present to a lesser degree than usual. There is a small mast which carries a square-headed lug-sail. A curved type of yuloh is used.  Although this junk is quite small, she is curiously enough provided with leeboards for the reason that she has to pass through several lakes and down the broad reaches of the Whangpoo. The crew of three lives in the small house amidships.  An unusual feature and one illustration how lucrative the rice trade is that the whole of the compartment between the 4th and 5th bulkheads is used as a 'strong room' wherein the rice merchants who travel with their cargo can stow their money and valuables. The hull is solid block construction planked overall with cherry. Rigging is authentic per details in G.R. g Worcester's book "Junks and Sampans of the Yangtze", 1971.The masthead wind vane used is Kaingsu type based on the Province of origin.


Model type: Merchant, Sail
Scale: 3/16" = 1'
Size: 13” L x 11” H x 6 1/2” W
Class: A
Code: MER 3500

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