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By: William E. Hitchcock

10-Gun American Privateer c. 1812 Baltimore clipper, c. 1812, sailed as a privateer under government commission. Highly successful both in speed and seaworthiness, she was ordered to attack vessels of nations with which America was in a state of war. The model’s hull is based on Marestier’s drawing No. 6 as taken off that vessel in stocks in 1814. The topsail rigging is based on contemporary practice. Constructed on a solid wood hull with built-up bulwarks and laid deck, copper-sheathed bottom and authentically painted and carries 10 brass cannons and appropriate deck furniture.

[based upon Dapper Tom plans, Model Shipways kit]

Model type: Naval, Sail, War of 1812
Scale: 32' = 1"
Size: 21 1/8" L x 14 3/4" H x 7 5/8" W
Class: B
Code: NAV 3105

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