Victory, HMS

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By: Alain Benoit -

Lord Horatio Nelson’s Flagship from the famous battle at Trafalgar, 1805. First Rate ship of 100 guns, built at Chatham Dockyard, 1765. Beautiful natural wood finished model. Plank-on-solid bulkhead construction, individually scaled walnut hull planking including anchor stock configuration, ebony thick wales, all treenail fastened, built-up bulwarks and upper deck beams, laid decking. Carries all appropriate deck gear & fittings, all guns of turned brass with built-up carriages, and authentically rigged per period with all standing and appropriate running lines. Standing rigging has various served and seized knots and is of accurate diameters and coloration The figurehead is solid brass and all decorative work at her stern and quarter galleries are of pear & boxwood. Model is presented on a custom fitted cradle support which has been set on to a solid stained mahogany baseboard with inlay banding and clear acrylic cover trimmed in brass. Model: 50”L x 34” H x 19” W Includes wall shelf unit

Model type: Naval, Sail
Scale: 1:80
Size: 58” L  x 67 3/4” H x 24" W
Class: A
Code: LRG 3300

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