Tugs of New York Harbor

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By: Joaquim Maristany

Shadowbox depicting New York Harbor, c. 1910, with the tugs Madison and New York Central 27. The vessels are shown from starboard and port side views, respectively, under full steam and with a painted fair weather sky and sea Also, in the center is a hand painted ship’s name banner and date. The model is authentically painted per research, and constructed in semi-relief from solid wood, with assemblies and miscellaneous deck fittings of metal or wood. Presented in the traditional style of late 19th century shadowbox paintings for wall mounting in a glazed and ebonized wood frame with gold trim.
, Frame: L x H x D

Model type: Shadowbox
Scale: NA
Size: 35” x 1 7/8” x 15 5/8”
Class: Special
Code: SDB 1721

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