Trumpy Yacht


By: Joaquim Maristany

Custom made shadowbox of a classic restored Trumpy yacht off the coast of Maine. This artistic ship’s portrait is done in the traditional style of late 19th century marine shadowbox paintings. It shows the yacht from the port side, steaming toward Boston Harbor, c. 1910, and has a polychrome hand-painted fair weather sky & moderate sea, and hand-painted ship’s name banner and date. The model is authentically painted per research, and constructed in semi-relief from solid wood, with assemblies and miscellaneous deck fittings of metal or wood. Presented for wall mounting in a glazed frame with gold leaf molding.

Model type: Power, Yachting
Scale: NA
Size: 42 1/4” x 2 7/8” x 20 1/2”
Class: Special
Code: CUS 1918

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