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By: Robert H. Mouat

Diorama shows the 74-Gun First-Rate Ship-of-the-Line HMS Swiftsure (built1804) being towed away in 1846 to be broken up. She took place in the famous Battle of Trafalgar, in which Admiral Nelson established British naval supremacy over France and Spain , before serving in the Mediterranean Fleet. Later, as a Receiving or Accommodation Ship, Swiftsure was dismasted since retaining the rigging in a vessel not intended for sea duty would have been an unnecessary hazard, and require on-going upkeep. The model's hull is carved from a solid wood core which has then been plank-over, with all appropriate sub-assemblies, furniture and railings applied. The decking is scribed and hatch gratings are painted brass. It shows a decorative stern gallery and quarter galleries, yet the entire model is depicted in a very weathered or distressed finish. The Thames River 80' barge and the 65' wooden side-wheel steam tug Monarch are also made of wood and authentically portrayed. Each model is set into a artistically painted waterline base which typifies the muddy and polluted Thames River. *Inspiration for this diorama came from the famous J.M.W. Turner painting of HMS Tem é raire being towed away in a similar scenario. Displayed in a custom fitted glazed case with brass trim, and mahogany baseboard with brass name plaques.

Model type: Steam
Scale: 1/16" = 1' Scale
Size: 29 1/4" x 11 1/4" x 10"
Class: A/Special
Code: STM 2407

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