Pocock Racing Scull (double)

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By: Marcelo C. Ossó

Pocock Racing Shells was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1911, and the company has been an essential part of nearly 100 years of American rowing. The start of the company, however, began in England, the birthplace of shell building and racing back in the 1800s. George and Dick Pocock, the founders of the company wanted to build comparable shells that their Father made for Eton College, and at a young age they moved to Vancouver, Canada. Then to Seattle, Washington where their career blossomed. Soon to become George’s company and that of his son’s Stan Pocock, has since provided such rowing shells to all too numerous collegiate rowing teams and private clubs throughout the United States and Canada. This model depicts in beautiful woodworking craftsmanship and finish one of his two-man sculls. *The rowing sculls (oars) are left natural, but can be painted to a specific school or clubs colors if requested. The model is constructed of Cedar with a satin varnish finish pearwood and nickel silver, brass fittings. It is mounted on two brass rod supports and set into a glazed case with recessed mirror and two engraved plaques.

Model type: Small Craft
Scale: 3/4" = 1'
Size: 27 5/8” x 7 1/8" x 8 1/2”
Class: A

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