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By: William E. Hitchcock

The large, round-bowed fishing schooner ONATO was built in 1904 by Oxner and Story at Essex, Massachusetts to a Thomas McManus design. She weighed 140 gross tons (105 net) and measured 105’ in length, 101’ in breadth and 24.6’ in depth. She was launched successfully on August 27, 1904 and towed to Gloucester to fit for sea, after which she had a very successful career in the haddock and shack fishery. Some notoriety was attached to her career when, in 1919, there occurred a murder aboard her. ONATO sank later that year, her survivors safely rescued. The full hull model is constructed from a solid basswood hull, lift method, with applied bulwarks, and laid decking. It carries all traditional deck gear, furniture & fittings, and is authentically painted with red bottom and black topsides. Mounted on a mahogany baseboard with a glazed cover trimmed in brass.

Model type: Fishing
Scale: 1/8” = 1’ Scale
Size: 23 7/8" x 6 1/8" x 19 1/4"
Class: B
Code: FSH 2500

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