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By: Raymond Langdon (1926 - 2002)

LYME was a 24-gun, 6 th Rate galley ship built under contract for the Royal Navy in 1739-40 by James Taylor on the River Thames, at London. Details of LYME 's career are unknown beyond that she foundered in the Atlantic on September 15, 1747. Her importance in the history of shipbuilding design is that she shows basic hull form characteristics of later British and Colonial schooners, e.g., Bermuda & Jamaica sloops, intended for fast sailing. The semi-painted plank-on-frame hull construction shows frames of linden wood with topsides and trim of cherry and mahogany. Deck planking is of linden wood and decorative elements such as the lion figurehead are boxwood. Shows all appropriate armament, galley oar ports and deck furniture, as well as a detailed natural finish ship's boat mounted to the starboard side at waterline.

Model type: Naval
Scale: 1/4" = 1' Scale
Size: 46" x 21" x 36 1/2"
Class: A
Code: NAV 2300

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