Isaac Webb

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By: William E. Hitchcock

The seventh packet ship from New York’s most famous builder, the William H. Webb ship yard was named in honor of the builder’s father. She was designed and built for the merchant Black Ball Line’s New York to Liverpool trade in 1850 serving until the Line’s closing in 1879. She measured 185’ by 42’6” by 27’3, and made about four round trips per year. Her career ended in 1880 after an unfortunate loss at sea. The three decades in which Isaac Webb had battled the North Atlantic was an admirable testimonial to the staunchness of Mr. Webb’s ships. The model’s hull is constructed via laminate waterline lifts, has full copper sheathing and is authentically painted including its ‘false gunport band’. Shows all basic deckhouses, gear, fittings, life boats on davits, and rigging per general practice. Mounted on a custom mahogany base with inlaid banding, glazed cover trimmed in brass.

Model type: Merchant
Scale: 1/8" = 1' Scale
Size: 36 7/8" x 12 7/8" x 25 1/4"
Class: B
Code: MER 2802

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