Idlewild II

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By: Marcelo C. Ossó -

39.5’ Racer - Runabout of 1909, designed by P.H. Hesser of Cincinnati, OH and built by James Anschutz of Dayton, KY. It had a Scripps Motor Company 8-cylinder (6 3/8” bore and 6” stroke) 150 HP Gasoline Engine with a three bladed prop. It utilized a revolutionary compressed air tank for starting. The boat was built with a long keelson and a system of oak bulkheads which provided a stiff hull and enable the weight to be kept low, especially given the relatively enormous horse power. The boat’s total weight, plus two in crew, was calculated to be 2,900 pounds, or less than 20 pounds per horsepower. The anticipated speed of the racer was 32 miles an hour and was built to compete in regattas held by the Ohio River Launch Club of Cincinnati, mostly between Pittsburgh and Louisville during the 1909 summer season. The handsome built bright work wooden hull of this model fully depicts the innovative design, and with the interior structural and mechanical components fully exposed (spark plugs, distributors, fuel & lubrication lines, water pumps), one can see the tremendous metal-smith workmanship required for this unusual model. It is mounted via solid brass rods on a recessed mirror, all framed in solid mahogany base, with a glazed cover trimmed in brass, and includes two engraved name plaques.

Model type: Power, Yachting

Scale: 1:20
Size: 28” L x 9 1/2" H x 7" W
Class: A
Code: YHT 3702

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