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By: William E. Hitchcock, Nader Taheri

A collaborative effort between Hitchcock and Nader Taheri, this solid basswood hull model constructed via laminated water line lifts with blanked-over topsides, laid decking and fully rigged according to practice was skillfully produced by Mr. Hitchcock. He also designed, engineered and fabricated the construction of the clearwater format (box) of the display and coastal shoreline and marsh.

Mr. Taheri afforded the enhancements to the overall scene by giving the model & sails a more weathered and realistic appearance. His use of artist oil paints enables him to achieve these essential results. He proficiently painted each of the work-action figures providing a persuasive effect, as well as creatively applying the right north Atlantic water coloration, via air brush techniques, to the ocean bottom and land segment.

Colonial schooner Hannah is depicted in this stunning clearwater diorama cruising off the Massachusetts coast in the early 1770s. The 78-ton “Marblehead” schooner was the first armed vessel commissioned for service in George Washington’s Continental Navy. Nearly destroyed by HMS Nautilus, she was secretly rebuilt and re-named Lynch in 1776 The full hull model is constructed from two basswood waterline lifts with applied bulwarks, laid decks, and is authentically fitted-out. The sails are paper, and the scene includes various work-action hand painted figures. The model is presented in a custom fitted mahogany frame with glazed cover trimmed in brass and two brass engraved name plaques.

Model type: Collaboration, Diorama, Naval, Sail
Scale: 1/8" = 1' Scale
Size: 17 5/8" x 9 5/8" x 13 1/4"
Class: Special
Code: DIO 2403

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