Trumpy Yacht


By: William E. Hitchcock

Gorgeous model of the classic 70’ John Trumpy designed and built power yacht of 1968. This motor vessel was built at their Annapolis shipyard and included all the wonderful design and bright-work elements that this exclusive company was known for. The yacht’s most recent name was Affinity as owned by the credit card bank MBNA of Wilmington, DE and of Camden, ME. The solid wood hull model is constructed per this configuration, and shows mahogany and cherry wood natural finishes and soft white hull topsides. Other assemblies are of brass or Britannia metals. The model shown at waterline is presented on a soft blue suede fabric and is displayed in a mahogany framed base with glazed cover trimmed in brass.

Model type: Power, Yachting
Scale: 1/2" = 1'
Size: 42.5"L x 17.5"H x 11"W
Class: B
Code: YHT 2700

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