Mark Antczak (1949 – )

Mr. Antczak’s scale model-making began at a period during his mid teenage years working with kit airplanes and then train models.

During his years at a technical college he became interested in maritime history and particularly in areas of the American Revolutionary War and as well as the realm of late 19th and early twentieth century yachting. With this newly discovered curiosity he started to dabble in making kit models of the typical subjects such as Baltimore clippers of the 1812 era and some small yachting craft.

He worked for Kenner Toy Company in Cincinnati, Ohio as a model builder, building prototypes of their toys. They were a huge success since one of their executives hooked on to the Star Wars figures and memorabilia well before the first movie came out. As a result of that success they were purchased by either Hasbro or Mattel and moved to Rhode Island. Deciding not to move with the company Mr. Antczak delved into shipmodel making and soon found a nautically minded base of collectors in the Ohio and Great Lake region. One of his greatest achievements was his ¼” scale (1:48) full hull model of the USS Constitution completed in 1990. This model was on display in the Carew Tower Arcade and the well know Exactitude art gallery in Cincinnati. It was acquired by a local business man, but was subsequently put on loan to the Maine Maritime Academy in Castine, Maine where it was displayed for a several years.

Another highlight of Mr. Antczak’s career was when he set out to developed a ¼” = 1’ scale (1:48) proto-type model of the 1930 America’s Cup J-Class racing sloop Enterprise, of which he wanted to produce a limited edition series of six models. The series of models were never made and the extremely detailed initial model is now part of the yachting collection at the Herreshoff Marine Museum in Bristol, Rhode Island. Other know models produced by him include the British topsail schooner Swift, New York pilot schooner Achilles, naval brig Syren, Revolutionary War schooner Hannah, New York clipper ship Challenge, Colonial schooner Sir Edward Hawke, brig Porpoise, the Revenue cutter Hamilton, and a 48” long model of the 1881 Cunard Liner S/S Servia.

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