M. Clayton Osterling ( – )

Beginning as a child with the usual kits in plastic and balsa, Dr. Osterling progressed to the building of a plank-on-frame pond model yacht with six foot sails when he was 15. He was an avid small boat sailor during his youth and continued intramural sailing on the lakes in Madison, Wisconsin during his later educational years. With a change in an anticipated career, and he became educated in Zoology and Veterinary Medical Technology at the University of Wisconsin, Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC and at the Academy of Health Science in San Antonio, Texas. Most recently he has worked at the Salk Institute as a Resident Quality Control Manager and as a Research Scientist responsible for in vitro testing services and development of other tissue culture services, especially in connection with drug discovery and vaccine evaluation against HIV, at Southern Research Institute in Frederick, Maryland. In summary, Dr. Osterling has twenty-five years of biomedical research and management experience, with recognized expertise in tissue culture technologies and an additional fourteen years experience in clinical medical technology. He has served as consultant to Tissue Culture, and is published in the Journal of Tissue Culture Methods and Virology.

Always interesting in the world of modeling, as an adult Dr. Osterling spent some time with HO scale trains. He also kept up with ship modeling as a semi-professional, building such models as USS Constitution, Cutty Sark, Shenandoah, HMS Victory, Golden Hind, Pride of Baltimore, and Mayflower. His distinctive approach to artistically aging the materials used on his models give them a vintage appeal accomplished by only a very few modern marine model artists.

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