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by Lloyd McCaffery Colonial Schooner of 1767;  Full-hull model built in 1980 · Glazed case of burled walnut This model represents in superb detail the...

English Royal Barge c 1600

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By Donald McNarry, FSRA English Royal Barge C. 1600 Waterline model built 1981 | Scale: 8’ = 1” Glazed case with walnut veneer: 6 1/2"...

St. Albans

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By: William H. Eisele British 4th-rate ship of 52 gun, built at Deptford, England in 1686 by John Shish. She was 128’ in length on...



By: Martin R. Harrop - A classically constructed full 'Admiralty' style model of a typical 74-gun ship, as found in the French Navy during the...

HMS Speedwell

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By: Philip S. Reed The Admiralty style full hull model represents the classic style of framing, depicting this well designed British sloop / ketch. Built...


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By: Michael Costagliola - One of two sloops of 16 carriage guns commissioned by the Royal Navy Admiralty Board. 6th rate sloop was built by ...

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